See How Much of Your Articles Get Read with Content Analytics

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If you have a blog, you probably think your visitors read your blog posts all the way through. In actuality, you have NO idea how much of your content people are actually reading. With Content Analytics, you can see exactly where your readers stop reading.

See How Far People Read Your Page

Content Analytics gives you a visual display of exactly where people stop reading your blog posts.

Figure out Where to Place Call-To-Actions

The data that Content Analytics shows you is insanely valuable. Using it, you can move your calls to action to the right places, adjust your copy so people consume all of it, or cut sections which may be unnecessary. Make educated decisions.

Run It on All of Your Blog Posts

With Content Analytics, you can see how far people read on every single one of your blog posts. Run unlimited campaigns and track every one of your new blog posts.

Real Time Feedback

Every Content Analytics display you set up is updated in real-time showing how far your visitors have read. No need to wait and see what your readers think of your blog posts!

“Before installing Sumo, I was under the impression that my audience read my complete articles. I was pretty confident too. But results of Sumo's Content Analytics jolted me out of my chair. Only 18% of my visitors were reading 100% of my pages. This forced me to work again on my page design. Now, my average read is steadily improving since the new design on It’s around 52% on most articles.”