With Highlighter, your visitors can highlight sections of your articles to share with their friends, coworkers, and more. This does two insanely valuable things: 1. Drives you social traffic 2. Highlights popular sections for you readers.

Enable People to Share Any Parts of Your Text

Highlighters makes it dead easy for your visitors to highlight and share any part of your articles. They just have to highlight the text (just like in real life!) and then choose to share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Fully Customizable Design to Match Your Site

Highlighter gives you total control of the Share box so you can completely match it to the design of your site.

“Sumo Highlighter is super easy to install and very effective. As a marketer this is a key weapon I can use to increase my social media presence.”


Oh, You’re a Pro, Huh?

Highlighter Pro is for those who want a professional look and extra support. Pro completely allows you to remove the blue tab on your site, no branding whatsoever and offers you VIP support for any technical issues you ever face. Be a Pro.

No Branding + VIP Support

All Sumo branding is completely removed. Make it look like you paid thousands for these custom tools. Not only that, but we’re here 24/7 to help you if you have any issues.

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