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Based on Sumo's 49 Headline Formulas to Skyrocket Conversions (And Where to Use Them) by Sarah Peterson.

Headline generator by Jack Curtis.

Numbered List Headlines
How To Headlines
Explanatory / Why Headlines
Strong / Controversial Headlines
Fun / Playful Headlines
Bonus: DIY Headline Formulas
The List Headline ways to
The Sidenote Headline ways to (number 2 is our favourite)
The Proven Methods Headline proven methods for
The Mistakes Headline mistakes most people make when
The Secrets Headline secrets to
The Lessons Learned Headline lessons I learned from
The Silver Platter Headline easy ways to
The Hacks Headline hacks to
The Steps to Result Headline steps to
The Reasons Headline reasons why you're
The Little Known Methods Headline little known ways to
The How To Headline How to
The Ultimate Guide Headline The Ultimate Guide to
The Celebrity Headline How to like
The How To / Without Headline How to without
The Tutorial Headline The guide to
The Results Headline How we in only
The Like a Boss Headline How to like a boss
The How / Result Headline How can stop you
The Explainer Headline How help you
The Ignorance Avoidance Headline What you should know about
The Solutions Headline Why you're not (and what you can do about it)
The Analysis Headline We analysed and here's what we found
The Teaser Headline These can help you
The Fearmonger Headline Warning! Are you sabotaging your ?
The Rally Cry Headline (Positive) Let's start
The Rally Cry Headline (Negative) Let's stop
The Question Headline 1 Why are you ?
The Question Headline 2 Are you still ?
The Fortune Teller Headline You won't be able to in
The Imagination Headline Imagine in
The Reminder Headline Reminder: is NOT a reflection of
The Urgency Headline Start NOW!
The Audience Headline : are you ?
The Command Headline !
The See What Happened Headline I every day for (and here's what happened)
The Outrageous Headline Why
Objection Preemptive Headline (Negative) No you don't need to to
Objection Preemptive Headline (Positive) Yes you DO need to to
The Quiz Headline 1 QUIZ: what type of are you?
The Quiz Headline 2 QUIZ: which are you?
The Promise Headline We can help you
The Trivia Headline Can you spot these problems with ?
The Social Proof Headline helped me to
The Testimonial Headline
The Sneak Peek Headline Inside the industry
The WTF Headline
The Hot Button Headline
The Breaking News Headline BREAKING:
The Snackable Headline
The Expert Roundup Headline experts share
The Comparison Headline Are you more like or ?
The Keyword Headline :
The Branded Headline :