Ecommerce Instant Discount Strategy (Result: $335,288 In 1 Year)

I tracked down a Sumo customer who sells flavored water and has had 633,901 views on one popup that generated 43,096 email signups.

I asked their digital marketing manager to send me stats on how many people have claimed the 15% discount code on this popup, as well as the sales they have made. I found out that the company has made $335,288 in one year from this one popup (see proof below).

These sales don’t account for return visits from these customers; this is $335,288 from first-time customers only. This popup shows up five seconds after you’ve been on the homepage if you haven’t seen a popup in three months. Here’s what it looks like:

The popup above uses Sumo’s Border design template. 43,096 people entered their email, and 5,239 claimed the discount code NEW15 (that’s shown on the success popup below) to make a purchase.

What’s so fascinating about this case study is that’s it. When you click the “Continue” button, the popup closes, and you go back to the homepage. And the follow-up email is a simple welcome email that doesn’t even mention the discount code.

To try it out on your store all you have to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Sign up for Sumo using the button below.

  2. Create a popup that shows up after five seconds on your homepage (using Sumo’s Grow Email List Shortcut).

  3. Create a success popup with your discount code (using Sumo’s Grow Email List Shortcut).

Simple and effective (two of my favorite words in marketing).

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