3 Marketing Plan Templates To Grow Your Traffic, Email List, And Sales

Bonus Material: How To Get 100k Visits In One Month

To get to where you want to go, you need a map — or at least a GPS. Your business is no different.

Regardless of your marketing goal, you need a marketing plan to get there. A marketing plan is a report (document or spreadsheet) that outlines your marketing strategies aligned with your #1 business goal.

Today, I’m going to show you a simple marketing plan template you can copy and use immediately, categorized into three marketing goals.

I want to make one thing clear before we get started: there is no one-size-fits-all marketing plan. Yes, you can copy my marketing plan and see results — but feel free to remove any strategy mentioned if it doesn’t align well with your business.

Also, these templates are based on a 12-week (quarterly) time frame and assume you’ve done the legwork to figure out your target market.

Ready? Let’s do this!

Marketing Plan Template To Increase Blog Traffic

Goal: 10,000 sessions in 12 weeks

Template: Increase Blog Traffic (go to File > Make a copy to get your own copy)

Screenshot showing increase blog traffic marketing plan template

Side notes:

Getting 10,000 visits in 12 weeks is very doable, but it does require work. Remember: The key to success is to create remarkable content.

The marketing plan for getting blog traffic consists of both long-term and short-term strategies. So even if you don’t hit 10,000 visits after 12 weeks, you’re building a strong foundation for future success.


Week 1 – 4
Week 5 - 8
Week 9 - 12
1,750 sessions
5,000 sessions (Accumulative)
10,000 sessions (Accumulative)


Week 1-4

Screenshot showing Google search auto suggestions

  • Email everyone you know about your blog. Here’s an email template you can use:

Subject: My new blog


Hey [Name], 

Happy Friday! How are you doing?

I recently started a blog on [topic] and thought you would enjoy it. If you’re interested, check it out here: [URL]

What do you think?


[Your Name]

Screenshot showing Sumo homepage with share buttons

Week 5 – 8

  • Reach out to bigger blogs for guest posting (try to line up 2-6 guest posts for down the road). Check out our detailed guide on guest posting for how to do it.

  • Find 4-8 industry or niche newsletters and pitch your evergreen content to get featured. Follow these steps to get more eyes on your content (including an email template you can use).

Screenshot showing Dean

Week 9 – 12

Screenshot showing traffic from Quora


  • Schedule the blog posts you've written. Craft a newsletter email to promote the blog posts to your email list when they go live.

Screenshot showing Sumo newsletter email

  • Promote blog posts to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest).

  • Reach out to people you mentioned in your posts and influencers in your niche.

Screenshot showing outreach email to blog mentions

  • Boost your content on Facebook for $10/day.

To see how we got 100,000 visits in one month on the Sumo blog, download the plan we used below.

How To Get 100k Visits In One Month

Marketing Plan Template To Build An Email List

Goal: 1,500 new subscribers in 12 weeks

Template: Build An Email List (go to File > Make a copy to get your own copy)

Screenshot showing grow email list marketing plan template

Side notes:

The key to growing an email list boils down to your opt-in offers. Think about what you can offer to get visitors to join your list and how you deliver the offer before and after someone joins your list.

This marketing plan has a combination of strategies to increase your site traffic and improve your email opt-in conversion rate. However, it will be a lot more effective if you offer the right opt-in reward to your audience.


Week 1 – 4
Week 5 - 8
Week 9 - 12
400 new subscribers
900 new subscribers (Accumulative)
1,500 new subscribers (Accumulative)


Week 1 – 4

Screenshot showing click trigger popup

  • Create a site-wide lead magnet that your audience desperately wants.

Screenshot showing a site-wide popup on Sumo

Screenshot showing a welcome mat on Sumo

Screenshot showing an email template

Week 5 – 8

  • Check out this guide and follow the steps to republish your blog posts in 3-5 major publications.

  • Create a custom landing page for your mailing list and spend $10 to $30 on Facebook ads to your custom landing page.

Screenshot showing OkDork

Week 9 – 12

Screenshot showing a viral giveaway example

  • Spend $10/day on Facebook ads to bring new traffic to your viral giveaway.

  • Pitch influencers and existing subscribers to promote your giveaway.


  • Write new high-quality blog posts to generate more traffic.

  • Spend $10 to $30 daily to boost your content on Facebook.

Marketing Plan Template To Grow Ecommerce Revenue

Goal: $10,000 in revenue in 12 weeks

Template: Grow Ecommerce Revenue (go to File > Make a copy to get your own copy)

Screenshot showing increase ecommerce revenue marketing plan template

Side notes:

There are many ways to grow ecommerce revenue. From increasing traffic, to growing a bigger email list, to improving conversion rate. This marketing plan template focuses mainly on strategies that will have a direct impact on sales.

The results you get using this marketing plan will also depend on your products. Especially the order value per purchase and how frequent customers buy again. Feel free to adjust the plan accordingly based on your own numbers.


Week 1 – 4
Week 5 - 8
Week 9 - 12
$6,300 (Accumulative)
$10,200 (Accumulative)


Week 1 – 4

Screenshot showing ecommerce welcome email

Screenshot showing trust badges on ecommerce product page

Week 5 – 8

Screenshot showing ecommerce upsell

Week 9 – 12

  • Add related products at the bottom of every product page.

Screenshot showing ecommerce related items


  • Send more emails to subscribers and existing customers.

  • A/B test all your email opt-in forms and popups.

Screenshot showing a/b test of Sumo forms

  • Ask for testimonials from paying customers.

Download One Of The Templates And Use It For Your Business

That’s it! In summary, here’s the process to come up with a marketing plan for your business, whether your goal is to generate higher blog traffic, build an email list, or grow your ecommerce revenue:

  1. Set a time-bound goal and then decide on a key metric to measure.

  2. Break your goal down into milestones and fit them into your set timeline.

  3. Make a list of strategies that will help you achieve your goal — and prioritize high-impact activities.

  4. Execute your plan and measure the progress.

To make things easy for you, I’ve created three marketing plans of the above in three separate spreadsheets (go to File > Make a copy to get your copy). 

  1. Increase Blog Traffic Template

  2. Build An Email List Template

  3. Grow Ecommerce Revenue Template

Each spreadsheet comes with three parts:

Screenshot showing marketing plan spreadsheet

  1. Overview: The marketing plan you see above.

  2. Strategies: All the strategies and tactics with their potential impact and ease of implementation listed.

  3. Tracking: A table where you can fill in your actual results to track your progress.

Get access to the case study of how we grew blog traffic by 100,000 visitors in one month on the Sumo blog (if you want some inspiration to grow your blog traffic).

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