Introducing Sumo’s New Dashboard

Sumo is the best way to grow your email list and get more customers for your website.

600,000+ websites use Sumo — including companies and people you know like Tony Robbins, Onnit, Huckberry, KicksUSA and BarkBox.

To make Sumo even better, we’re introducing a new way to easily see all your website and email stats at a glance.

Introducing the new Sumo Dashboard.

The new Dashboard is available on any free or paid Sumo plan. Click here to sign up.

We put our entire team to work — and gave them taco-filled words of encouragement — to get the new Sumo Dashboard built for you.

Here’s what you get in the new Sumo Dashboard…

See the BIGGEST opportunities for your website.

Get hand-picked next steps to improve your website, get more customers, and generate more traffic. See the opportunities to grow your business you’ve been missing.

Easily compare how your forms rank.

View your best- and worst-performing forms at a glance. Measure impressions, conversions, conversion rate, and all the data you need to make better business decisions.

Track the most important page stats.

Track the pageviews on your site plus other important website metrics like pages per session (and trends change over time). See how your pages rank against each other in one simple view.

Join any Sumo plan and get access to the new Dashboard — an easier way to track your stats and learn opportunities to grow your website.

To get the new Sumo Dashboard, sign up by clicking here (or simply login to your Sumo account if you are an existing customer).

Once you sign up, you’ll have access to the new Dashboard under the “Analytics” left-side menu.

Sign up and get the new dashboard